Der Rausch

The substantive basis of the exhibition 'Der Rausch' is a shared love for matter or the idea of the object or thing as a sensory seducer. Whether it concerns a painting, sculpture, performance or video, the "sensual" experience is central. Sometimes seductive and attractive, sometimes uncomfortable or even repulsive. The work of art as an intermediary for a sensory, physical sensation in the viewer based on the personal delusions or dreams of the maker. Work that moves, confuses, pushes, drags, swallows the viewer.

For 'Der Rausch' I made new scaled up works as a reflection of my residency at Calcutta Art Research Foundation in India supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

Participating artists: Andrea Eva Gy├Âri (HU), Bas de Wit (NL), Bernice Nauta (NL), Bonno van Doorn (NL), Daniel Hofstede (NL), Derk Thijs (NL), Frederique Jonker (NL), Gijs Frieling (NL), Harold Schouten (NL), Jaap Kroneman (NL), Janine van Oene (NL), Jonas Wijtenburg (NL), Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch (NL), Kasper de Vos (B), Kasper Jacobs (NL), Kim David Bots (NL), Lieven Hendriks (NL), Lieven Segers (B), Mike Moonen (NL), Morgan Betz (NL/VS), Nel Aerts (B), Paul de Jong (NL), Pim Blokker (NL), Ricardo van Eyk (NL), Robbert Pauwels (NL), Rowan van As (NL), Sam Hersbach (NL), Simon Wald-Lasowski (F), Sophie Schmidt (D), Tanja Ritterbex (NL), Tom Poelmans (B), Vaast Colson (B), Vera Gulikers (NL), Willem de Haan (NL)

Curated by Frank Koolen (NL) i.c.w. Kim David Bots (NL)

Der Rausch, Arti et Amicitiae, NL