It could be the goldfish is mistaking the bowtie for a football

Participating artists: Daan Gielis, Katherina Heil, Bonno van Doorn

The exhibition “It could be the goldfish is mistaking the bowtie for a football” brings together 3 young artists from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The following quotes are taken from a conversation between the artists that took place. They form the framework for the exhibition.

Bonno van Doorn
“Recently I read something funny it was like: When a child is born it’s being taught to walk, and when a child knows how to walk it’s being taught to sit still. I can’t help it that people start to think this or that when they look at (my) art, but I want them to look further then what they have learned or know, or maybe they know it actually without knowing, but they are just made stupid when growing up.”

Katherina Heil
“Within my practice I refer to an analytic mindset on the one hand and my intuition on the other, bringing forth the reflection on its springs and its possible merit. I like this contradiction or friction between these two sides and it helps to define my objectives. But yes, I need this intuitive part to claim and obtain more freedom… in order to be free.”

Daan Gielis
“For me personally it’s often a problem that people don’t want to look past that quick story and forget about the oeuvre that’s being built. Especially with young artists like us. It’s not a gimmick that we’re trying to sell here, but a long term relationship with an audience. An attitude is a nice way of putting it as this is exactly describing a way of thinking about work and not a classifiable and explainable gimmick.”

Boetzelaer|Nispen, Amsterdam, NL