Seven artists from three different countries have come together to use the full language of painting, in search of a permanent state of instability. They are creating a challenging environment where distortions and blind spots alter vision. A space where perception falls apart, producing the best environment for each other’s works, to celebrate the full glory of painting.

Artists: Stephan Jäschke (DE), Laurent Proux (FR), Tillmann Terbuyken (DE), Marjolijn de Wit (NL), Thijs Rhijnsburger (NL), Arthur Stokvis (NL), Bonno van Doorn (NL)

Organized by Arthur Stokvis and Bonno van Doorn

Alongside the exhibition a publication was made. It can be ordered HERE.

For RietveldTV a video was made that was broadcasted on AT5.
It can be watched HERE.

Reviews: Mister Motley, Het Parool, Art at Present

NO COVER IMAGE is made possible by AFK (The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and Stichting Stokroos

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL